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Figure 4 | Behavioral and Brain Functions

Figure 4

From: Differential sensitivity to the acute and sensitizing behavioral effects of methylphenidate as a function of strain in adolescent and young adult rats

Figure 4

Behavioral responses to a challenge injection of cocaine in Spontaneously Hypertensive, Sprague Dawley, and Wistar Kyoto rats pretreated with methylphenidate or saline during adolescence or early adulthood. Only Spontaneously Hypertensive rats exhibit methylphenidate-induced behavioral cross- sensitization to cocaine. Adult SHR group pretreated with methylphendiate, n = 5. All other groups, n = 6. Please see text for statistical results. SHR: Spontaneously Hypertensive rat; SD: Sprague Dawley; WKY: Wistar Kyoto; MPH: methylphenidate; Sal: saline.

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