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Figure 2

From: The impact of the genome-wide supported variant in the cyclin M2 gene on gray matter morphology in schizophrenia

Figure 2

The impacts of the CNNM2 genotype on GM volume of the bilateral inferior frontal gyri. ( A ) Anatomical localizations are displayed on coronal, sagittal, and axial sections of a normal MRI spatially normalized into the Montreal Neurological Institute template (p <0.05). The most significant cluster of the genotype effect was in the right inferior frontal gyrus. The region is shown as a cross-hairline. The color bars show the t values corresponding to the color in the figure. ( B , C ) Each column shows the relative GM volumes extracted from a nominal cluster at uncorrectedp < 0.001 and cluster size > 100 in the right inferior frontal gyrus (peak Talairach coordinates; 22, 31, -20) ( B ) and in the left inferior frontal gyrus (peak Talairach coordinates; -22, 18, -22) ( C ). Error bars represent the standard error.

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