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Fig. 7 | Behavioral and Brain Functions

Fig. 7

From: 4′-O-β-d-glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol, an active ingredient of Saposhnikovia divaricata, attenuates high-mobility group box 1 and subarachnoid hemorrhage-induced vasospasm in a rat model

Fig. 7

The effect of 4OGOMV on the polyclonal NeuN, BrdU and GFAP immunostaining among the SAH groups. Upper panel: NeuN(+) neurons (red arrow head) with vaculated neucli and groups were depicted as: a Sham-operated; b SAH group and c 400 μg/kg/day 4OGOMV treatment SAH group.(n = 9/group) Middle and lower panels shows the BrdU(+) (black arrow head) and GFAP(+) cells (yellow arrow head) respectively.(X200) Standard bar = 100 μm

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