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Fig. 2

From: Fibroblast growth factor 8 regulates postnatal development of paraventricular nucleus neuroendocrine cells

Fig. 2

Photomicrographs of CRH immunoreactivity in the PVN of PN21 a WT and b Fgf8 +/neo mice, as well as adult c WT and d Fgf8 +/neo mice. Scale bar is 200 μm. The ROI is the region of interest within which we calculated the CRH-IR density. Asterisk indicates the third ventricle. Higher magnification photomicrographs of CRH-IR cell bodies (arrows) in PN21 e WT, f Fgf8 +/neo and adult g WT, h Fgf8 +/neo mice. Scale bar is 50 μm. Bar graphs represent PVN CRH-IR density converted into relative percent change compared to the WT group of i PN 21 and j adult mice. i On PN 21, CRH-IR density was significantly lower in WT (94.3 ± 30.6 % sem) compared to Fgf8 +/neo (613.0 ± 179.8 % sem) mice. The asterisk indicates p < 0.05. j In adulthood, CRH-IR density did not differ between WT (99.4 ± 33.5 % sem) and Fgf8 +/neo (56 ± 27.8 % sem) mice

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