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Table 3 Functional connectivity between visual regions during stories listening and maternal depression score

From: Maternal depression is associated with altered functional connectivity between neural circuits related to visual, auditory, and cognitive processing during stories listening in preschoolers

SeedTarget (ROI)BetaT-valueP-value uncorrectedP-value FDR correction
L Primary Visual Cortex (BA 17)R Primary Auditory Cortex (BA 42)− 0.02− 4.070.0006530.047668
R subcentral area (BA 43)− 0.02− 3.820.0011490.047668
L Secondary Visual Cortex (BA 18)     
R Primary Visual Cortex (BA 17)     
R Secondary Visual Cortex (BA 18)R Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (BA 46)
  1. ROI region of interest, BA Brodmann area, FDR false discovery rate, L left, R right