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  1. HIV-infected individuals continue to experience neurocognitive deterioration despite virologically successful treatments. The causes of neurocognitive impairment are still unclear. However, several factors ha...

    Authors: Karina Villalba, Jessy G. Devieux, Rhonda Rosenberg and Jean Lud Cadet
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:25
  2. Diabetes accelerates memory dysfunction in a continuous, slowly pathological process. Studies suggest that the time course of certain biomarkers can characterize the pathological course of the disease to provi...

    Authors: You Zhou, Ying Zhao, Hailong Xie, Yan Wang, Lin Liu and Xinjia Yan
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:24
  3. The present study analyzes the development of ERPs related to the process of selecting targets based on their novelty.

    Authors: María Ángeles Rojas-Benjumea, Ana María Sauqué-Poggio, Catarina I. Barriga-Paulino, Elena I. Rodríguez-Martínez and Carlos M. Gómez
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:22
  4. ADHD and alcoholism are psychiatric diseases with pathophysiology related to dopamine system. DAT1 belongs to the SLC6 family of transporters and is involved in the regulation of extracellular dopamine levels....

    Authors: Omar Šerý, Ivo Paclt, Ivana Drtílková, Pavel Theiner, Marta Kopečková, Petr Zvolský and Vladimir J. Balcar
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:21
  5. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is associated with cognitive deficits and dysregulated motivation. Reinforcement improves cognitive performance, often to a greater degree among children with ADHD comp...

    Authors: Whitney D Fosco, Larry W Hawk Jr., Keri S Rosch and Michelle G Bubnik
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:20
  6. The present study was designed to study anxiolytic property of methanolic extracts of Urtica urens; an important and commonly used for its medicinal properties belongs to urticaceae family.

    Authors: Zouhra Doukkali, Khalid Taghzouti, EL Houcine Bouidida, Mohamed Nadjmouddine, Yahya Cherrah and Katim Alaoui
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:19
  7. Recent studies with younger adults have shown that performance feedback can serve as a reward, and it elicits reward-related brain activations. This study investigated whether performance feedback is processed...

    Authors: Barbara Drueke, Lydia Weichert, Thomas Forkmann, Verena Mainz, Siegfried Gauggel and Maren Boecker
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:17
  8. Recent research has demonstrated that deficits in basic, self-regulatory processes, or executive function (EF), may be related to symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) already during the ...

    Authors: Annette Holth Skogan, Pål Zeiner, Jens Egeland, Anne-Grethe Urnes, Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud and Heidi Aase
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:16
  9. Interoception refers to the ability to sense body signals. Two interoceptive dimensions have been recently proposed: (a) interoceptive sensitivity (IS) –objective accuracy in detecting internal bodily sensatio...

    Authors: Adrián Yoris, Sol Esteves, Blas Couto, Margherita Melloni, Rafael Kichic, Marcelo Cetkovich, Roberto Favaloro, Jason Moser, Facundo Manes, Agustin Ibanez and Lucas Sedeño
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:14
  10. Piper nigrum L. (Piperaceae) is employed in traditional medicine of many countries as analgesic, antiinflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antidepressant and cognitive-enhancing agent. Thi...

    Authors: Lucian Hritcu, Jaurès A Noumedem, Oana Cioanca, Monica Hancianu, Paula Postu and Marius Mihasan
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:13
  11. In autoimmune disorders, the underlying pathogenic mechanism is the formation of antigen-antibody complexes which trigger an inflammatory response by inducing the infiltration of neutrophils. Epithelial cell-d...

    Authors: Gehan Ahmed Mostafa and Laila Yousef AL-Ayadhi
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:11
  12. The objective of the study was to examine several polymorphisms in DISC1 and CTNX3 genes as possible risk factors in schizophrenia. DISC1 (disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1) has been studied extensively in relation to...

    Authors: Omar Šerý, Jan Lochman, Jana Povová, Vladimír Janout, Jiří Plesník and Vladimir J Balcar
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:10
  13. Recent evidence suggests that persistent pain and recurrent pain are due to the pain memory which is related to the phosphorylation of cAMP response element-binding protein (p-CREB) in anterior cingulate corte...

    Authors: Jing Sun, Xiao-mei Shao, Fang Fang, Zui Shen, Yuan-yuan Wu and Jian-qiao Fang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:9
  14. Acute and chronic brain damages including neurodegenerative diseases are a group of neuroinflammation-associated diseases characterized by cognitive function defect and progressive neuron loss. The pathophysio...

    Authors: Hong Wang, Mengliang Ye, Lijuan Yu, Jianfeng Wang, Yuanxin Guo, Wenjuan Lei and Junqing Yang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:8
  15. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is associated with pathological changes in the central nervous system (CNS) and alterations in oxidative stress. The aim of this study was to determine whether dietary supplement with wh...

    Authors: Jamaan Ajarem, Ahmed A Allam, Hossam Ebaid, Saleh N Maodaa, Sanad M AL-Sobeai, Ahmed M Rady, Ali Metwalli, Naif G Altoom, Khaled Elfakki Ibrahim and Mohammad I Sabri
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:7
  16. Aluminum overload can cause severe brain injury and neurodegeneration. Previous studies suggest that prostacyclin synthase (PGIS) expression and prostacyclin receptor (IP) activation are beneficial for treatme...

    Authors: Yongquan Pan, Lijuan Yu, Wenjuan Lei, Yuanxin Guo, Jianfeng Wang, Huarong Yu, Yong Tang and Junqing Yang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:6
  17. To observe the effects of neuregulin1β (NRG1β) on the level of phosphorylated ERK1/2 (p-ERK1/2), and explore the therapeutic mechanism of NRG1β on the cognitive dysfunction in rats with chronic omethoate poiso...

    Authors: Lixia Rong, Kun Ding, Meizeng Zhang and Yunliang Guo
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:5
  18. Gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations are common in autistic children. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and carnitine are anti-inflammatory molecules and their deficiency may result in GI inflammation. The r...

    Authors: Gehan A Mostafa and Laila Y AL-Ayadhi
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:4
  19. HIV-1 is a global catastrophe, and is exceedingly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder is characterized by symptoms such as motor impairments, a decline in cognition, and beh...

    Authors: Rivona Harricharan, Veneesha Thaver, Vivienne A Russell and William M U Daniels
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:3
  20. Empirical research on the relationship between linguistic and numerical processing revealed inconsistent results for different levels of cognitive processing (e.g., lexical, semantic) as well as different stim...

    Authors: Dajana Rath, Frank Domahs, Katharina Dressel, Dolores Claros-Salinas, Elise Klein, Klaus Willmes and Helga Krinzinger
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:2
  21. Previous functional MRI (fMRI) studies have demonstrated group differences in brain activity between deceptive and honest responses. The functional connectivity network related to lie-telling remains largely u...

    Authors: Weixiong Jiang, Huasheng Liu, Lingli Zeng, Jian Liao, Hui Shen, Aijing Luo, Dewen Hu and Wei Wang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2015 11:1
  22. Disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) is a promising candidate susceptibility gene for psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression. Several previous studies reported th...

    Authors: Yosefu Arime, Ryutaro Fukumura, Ikuo Miura, Kazuyuki Mekada, Atsushi Yoshiki, Shigeharu Wakana, Yoichi Gondo and Kazufumi Akiyama
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:45
  23. Post-adolescence is known to be a period of general maturation and development in the human brain. In brain imaging, volumetric and morphologic cortical grey-matter changes can easily be assessed, but the anal...

    Authors: Anca-Larisa Sandu, Edouard Izard, Karsten Specht, Harald Beneventi, Arvid Lundervold and Martin Ystad
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:44
  24. We aimed to determine whether early parenting is associated with externalizing and internalizing symptoms in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and whether such an association is aff...

    Authors: Subin Park, Bung-Nyun Kim, Jae-Won Kim, Yeon-Kyung Jung, Jin Lee, Min-Sup Shin, Hee Jeong Yoo and Soo-Churl Cho
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:43
  25. Neuroinflammation plays pivotal roles in the progression of cerebral ischemia injury. Prostaglandins (PGs) as the major inflammatory mediators in the brain participate in the pathophysiological processes of ce...

    Authors: Lijuan Yu, Bin Yang, Jia Wang, Lei Zhao, Weinan Luo, Qingsong Jiang and Junqing Yang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:42
  26. Learned helplessness has excellent validity as an animal model for depression, but problems in reproducibility limit its use and the high degree of stress involved in the paradigm raises ethical concerns. We t...

    Authors: Sophie Helene Richter, Alexander Sartorius, Peter Gass and Barbara Vollmayr
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:41
  27. It is vital to select and process relevant information while restraining irrelevant information for successful retrieval. When multiple streams of information are concurrently present, the ability to overcome ...

    Authors: Heekyeong Park, Fernando Leal, Cheryl Abellanoza and James D Schaeffer
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:40
  28. To investigate the impact of exogenous covert attention on chromatic (blue and red) and achromatic visual perception in adults with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Exogenous covert...

    Authors: Soyeon Kim, Mohamed Al-Haj, Stuart Fuller, Samantha Chen, Umesh Jain, Marisa Carrasco and Rosemary Tannock
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:39
  29. To test the retinal dopaminergic hypothesis, which posits deficient blue color perception in ADHD, resulting from hypofunctioning CNS and retinal dopamine, to which blue cones are exquisitely sensitive. Also, ...

    Authors: Soyeon Kim, Mohamed Al-Haj, Samantha Chen, Stuart Fuller, Umesh Jain, Marisa Carrasco and Rosemary Tannock
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:38
  30. The aim of the current study was to investigate the utility of diffusional kurtosis imaging (DKI) in the detection of gray matter (GM) alterations in people suffering from Internet Gaming Addiction (IGA).

    Authors: Yawen Sun, Jinhua Sun, Yan Zhou, Weina Ding, Xue Chen, Zhiguo Zhuang, Jianrong Xu and Yasong Du
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:37
  31. A differential contribution of the right and left amygdalae to affective information processing has been proposed. However, the direction of this lateralization has not been confirmed. In this study, we used a...

    Authors: Yen-Ting Chen, Min-Wei Huang, I-Chung Hung, Hsien-Yuan Lane and Chun-Ju Hou
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:36
  32. Obesity induced by antipsychotics severely increases the risk of many diseases and significantly reduces quality of life. Genome Wide Association Studies has identified fat-mass and obesity-associated (FTO) ge...

    Authors: Xueqin Song, Lijuan Pang, Yufang Feng, Xiaoduo Fan, Xue Li, Wei Zhang, Jinsong Gao, Jianjiang Zhang, Katlyn Nemani, Hua Zhang and Luxian Lv
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:35
  33. Evidence for the brain mechanisms recruited when processing concrete versus abstract concepts has been largely derived from studies employing visual stimuli. The tasks and baseline contrasts used have also inv...

    Authors: Tracy Roxbury, Katie McMahon and David A Copland
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:34
  34. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Central Auditory Processing Disorder (C)APD. However, the neural correlates of (C)APD are poorly understood. Previous neuroimaging experiments have shown c...

    Authors: Agnieszka Pluta, Tomasz Wolak, Natalia Czajka, Monika Lewandowska, Katarzyna Cieśla, Mateusz Rusiniak, Diana Grudzień and Henryk Skarżyński
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:33
  35. The paper explored emotion comprehension in children with regard to facial expression of emotion. The effect of valence and arousal evaluation, of context and of psychophysiological measures was monitored. Ind...

    Authors: Michela Balconi, Maria Elide Vanutelli and Roberta Finocchiaro
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:32
  36. When asked to solve mathematical problems, some people experience anxiety and threat, which can lead to impaired mathematical performance (Curr Dir Psychol Sci 11:181–185, 2002). The present studies investigat...

    Authors: Kinga Morsanyi, Chiara Busdraghi and Caterina Primi
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:31
  37. Cholesterol is an essential component of brain and nerve cells and is essential for maintaining the function of the nervous system. Epidemiological studies showed that patients suffering from anxiety disorders...

    Authors: Xu Hu, Tao Wang, Jia Luo, Shan Liang, Wei Li, Xiaoli Wu, Feng Jin and Li Wang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:30
  38. Dyslexia is a polygenic developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in reading and spelling despite normal intelligence, educational backgrounds and perception. Increasing evidences indicated that dys...

    Authors: Huan Chen, Guoqing Wang, Jiguang Xia, Yuxi Zhou, Yong Gao, Junquan Xu, Michael SY Huen, Wai Ting Siok, Yuyang Jiang, Li Hai Tan and Yimin Sun
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:29
  39. Given that impairment of fear extinction has been implicated in the pathogenesis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), effective pharmacological interventions that facilitate fear extinction may provide alt...

    Authors: Li-Li Ji, Lei Tong, Bao-Ku Xu, Chang-Hai Fu, Wan Shu, Jun-Bo Peng and Zhen-Yu Wang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:28
  40. Acting appropriately within social contexts requires an ability to appreciate others’ mental and emotional states. Indeed, some campaign programs designed to reduce anti-social behaviour seek to elicit empathy...

    Authors: Jana Zelinková, Daniel J Shaw, Radek Mareček, Michal Mikl, Tomáš Urbánek, Darina Havlíčková, Petr Zámečník, Petra Haitová and Milan Brázdil
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:27
  41. Homovanillic acid (HVA), 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) and 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG) are the major monoamine metabolites in the central nervous system (CNS). Their cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ...

    Authors: Dimitrios Andreou, Erik Söderman, Tomas Axelsson, Göran C Sedvall, Lars Terenius, Ingrid Agartz and Erik G Jönsson
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:26
  42. It is known that enhancement of sympathetic nerve activity based on a decrease in parasympathetic nerve activity is associated with fatigue induced by mental tasks lasting more than 30 min. However, to measure...

    Authors: Kei Mizuno, Kanako Tajima, Yasuyoshi Watanabe and Hirohiko Kuratsune
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:25
  43. Moderate physical activity improves various cognitive functions, particularly when it is applied simultaneously to the cognitive task. In two psychoneuroendocrinological within-subject experiments, we investig...

    Authors: Maren Schmidt-Kassow, Nadine Zink, Julia Mock, Christian Thiel, Lutz Vogt, Cornelius Abel and Jochen Kaiser
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:24
  44. Previous studies have shown that KIAA0319 is a candidate gene for dyslexia in western populations. In view of the different languages used in Caucasian and Chinese populations, the aim of the present study was to...

    Authors: Cadmon King-Poo Lim, Amabel May-Bo Wong, Connie Suk-Han Ho and Mary Mui-Yee Waye
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:23
  45. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs, including alpha, beta and gamma subtypes) and their agonists have a protective role in treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. The present study ...

    Authors: Ying Luo, Qin He, Ge Kuang, Qingsong Jiang and Junqing Yang
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2014 10:21

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